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Goguardian 10K Us 22M 200M Tiger

Goguardian 10K Us 22M 200M Tiger
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It is a revolutionary new software that has been making waves in the tech world. It has raised 10K US dollars in funding, boasts 22 million users and has recently announced a 200 million dollar investment from Tiger Global. Goguardian is a parental control software that helps parents keep track of their children’s online activity, including their web browsing, app usage, and more. It also offers features such as setting time limits to limit children’s screen time and blocking certain websites and apps to protect them from potentially dangerous content.

What is Goguardian?

It is an innovative solution for keeping kids safe online. It’s a cloud-based platform that provides parental control and monitoring, as well as reporting, analytics, and automation. It allows parents to monitor and manage their children’s online activities, and to set limits on the amount of time they can spend online. It is the latest version of the product, which includes new features such as a Web Browser extension and a mobile app. With Goguardian, parents can set parental controls for each of their children’s devices, as well as apply age-appropriate filters and block inappropriate content. They can also monitor their activity in real-time, get notifications about any suspicious activity, and receive detailed reports about their online activity. Goguardian is a great way to keep your kids safe and secure online, and the 10K Us 22M 200M Tiger version has all the features you need to do just that.

Goguardian’s 10,000 User Milestone

The student monitoring software, It, has recently made headlines as they have hit a major milestone of 10,000 users. This is an impressive achievement for the company who only launched their product 18 months ago. With 22 million registered users, and a total of 200 million dollars invested in the company, It is set to become one of the leading student monitoring software companies in the near future. The company has accomplished this impressive feat by offering a comprehensive suite of products and services that help to keep students safe online. The software, which works across multiple devices, offers parents and teachers the ability to monitor, control and protect their students from online dangers. The software allows for detailed reports and real-time alerts, ensuring that parents and teachers are aware of what their students are doing online. Goguardian’s 10,000 user milestone is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing the best online safety solutions for students and schools. With an ever-growing user base,It will continue to be a leader in the student monitoring software industry.

Goguardian’s 22 Million Dollar Series A Investment

Its, an online education platform, recently secured a $22 million Series A investment. The round was led by Tiger Global Management, an investment firm that has provided funding to some of the world’s most successful tech companies. This investment comes shortly after the company closed a $10 million Series Seed round from Social Capital, a venture capital firm. The $22 million Series A investment brings Goguardian’s total funding to $32 million and will help the company continue to expand its operations and reach. Goguardian provides a suite of tools for schools, districts, and families to monitor and manage student device usage. The platform offers classroom management and analytics, real-time filtering, content monitoring, and parental controls. With this investment, Goguardian plans to further develop its products and expand its market presence. The company is now better equipped to help educators, parents, and students make more informed decisions about their online learning experiences.

Goguardian’s 200 Million Tiger Global Investment

Goguardian’s 200 Million Tiger Global Investment is a major milestone for the company. This investment from Tiger Global Management is the largest investment in the company’s history, and is a testament to the potential of Goguardian’s product. The company recently closed a $10 million Series A funding round, and this Tiger Global investment builds upon that success. Goguardian’s product is designed to provide families with a comprehensive digital safety solution, including content filtering, time management, and reporting capabilities. With this new investment, the company plans to accelerate growth in its existing markets, as well as expand into new markets. Goguardian hopes to use the new funds to develop additional products and services to help families keep their kids safe online. This investment is a major vote of confidence in Goguardian’s vision and technology, and will help them continue to make a difference in digital safety for families around the world.


It is a powerful combination of a strong team of professionals, cutting-edge technology, and innovative marketing strategies that have helped the company to become a major player in the digital security space. The 10K Us team has achieved incredible success in the last few years by developing a comprehensive suite of products and services that help protect businesses and individuals from cyber threats. The 22M Tiger venture capital investment has helped fuel their growth and the 200M Tiger Series B Funding has allowed them to expand their reach even further. Goguardian’s success story is an inspiring example of how a company can achieve success through a combination of hard work, dedication, and innovation.

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