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Top 5 Technology Trends Reshaping the Fashion Industry

Reshaping the Fashion Industry
Written by william

Most business experts agree that fashion is one of the most widely-spread and profitable industries on the market. While predictions for 2030 forecast huge growth in the profit of this field, you would be surprised to hear that mainstream fashion hasn’t changed much in the means of technology! However, with the new developments in tech, it would be naïve to think that fashion won’t be affected! 

While trying to live more in the present moment, fashion business owners need to think about future trends as well. So, if you want to continuously develop your fashion business, or you’re just interested in the newest trends, you mustn’t miss out on these 5 techs that will reshape the field! 

Augmented and virtual reality

A transfer from malls and brick-and-mortar stores to an online world was stressful enough for some. Even though we can sit at home and shop via our devices, not trying on our clothes can be one of the biggest deal breakers! That’s why the fashion industry needs to welcome augmented and virtual reality to the scene. How will these technologies help?

Each enhances the shopping experience in a unique way that will make fashion brands consider implementing them as soon as possible. While apparel browsing online is exciting, enhance the experience by adding virtual and augmented reality for fitting and trying out the pieces! Such an approach will surely blow people away!

Novel fabrics

Besides the look of your clothes, the way the materials feel also plays a major role. Cotton, leather, polyester, and similar are commonly used in fast fashion. However, such an approach has been strongly criticized by the green community. The future of fashion is sustainable, so why don’t you make it by using novelty fabrics?

Develop in the lab, fabrics created from spider silk not only feel great to touch but have the ability to form extraordinary apparel. On the other hand, recycled material is also making its way to the scene. Sooner than later, you will be able to see shirts, skirts, and other items made out of recycled plastic, metal, or even natural fiber!

3D printing

We cannot neglect the effects of 3D printing on the world. However, many are yet to be introduced to 3D-printed clothes or even outfits! For now, such clothes are only popular on runways and fashion shows, 3D printed clothes are expected to make an appearance in mainstream fashion by 2027! What makes them different than the apparel we use today?

3D printers use specialized fabric for such purposes and create items with greater precision. This will allow brands to present clothes for different body shapes and sizes! Revelation like this one is bound to transform the fashion industry and indulge people in the eco-friendlier manner of shopping and wearing clothes. 

Cocreation and design software

As a part of their marketing strategy, many fashion brands use cocreating. Cocreating has been popular for quite some time now. But with original and easy-to-use design software, the process is transformed into fun digitalized creations and customization that makes the job easier for everyone. How does it impact fashion?

Easily implementable design software will help you and your customers create pieces of your dreams. Since originality and uniqueness are extremely popular, being able to create custom clothing for customers or them being able to participate will be a huge plus in this line of work! Whether you run a fashion brand or you love customization, this tech trend will make you thrive! 

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence isn’t a new technology introduced to this line of work. For some time now it has improved customers’ shopping experience by suggesting personalized options and answering their questions. However, now it’s time to take AI to the next step and enhance the world of fashion even more. 

AI is constantly learning and developing. Therefore, it can now suggest outfits and clothes based on your height, weight, body type, gender, and age! This improvement will make online shopping and sizing much easier for everyone. On top of that, AI is constantly collecting and tracking data that can be used for further studies and enhancements of the fashion industry. 

Final thoughts 

Fashion is a fast-paced industry with trends changing all the time. However, once the technology is implemented, it has a straightforward course set toward advancement and development in the most unimaginable ways! So, to stay informed and up to date with fashion trends, you also need to consider these 5 tech trends that are reshaping its future! 

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